About Sue Pitman

Sue Pitman is a Certified Reiki Master and Reiki Practitioner who is known for her kindness, compassion and professional approach to her clients' wellbeing.


Sue's holistic therapy career began in 1990 having experienced many positive effects firsthand. Since then she has been helping her own clients both in person in a relaxed setting near Cambridge, and worldwide through distant Reiki.

Sue believes that a fruitful and happy life starts with health being balanced, allowing energy and fitness levels to come up to their true potential. Sue utilises Reiki Healing so that its unique properties can help to 'balance the whole'.

Every client is unique and treated as such. Frequent benefits include reduction in pain, deepening joy and new perspective on life.


As well as her 'regular' clientele, a number of cats, dogs and horses have benefitted from Sue's Reiki sessions. 


As a Reiki Master, Sue has a range of Reiki Attunements that she offers to clients wishing to become Reiki practitioners themselves.



Sue Pitman ITEC

Reiki Master