Some of the Many Benefits of Reiki I Have Seen Clients Experience

  • Deep relaxation so that your body can restore itself

  • Reconnecting with yourself to really come home to yourself

  • Improving wellbeing and relief from physical pain and many ailments.

  • Lifting your spirits, reducing depression

  • Helps regulate blood pressure

  • Calmly being able to face the world again. Clearing your head

  • Remembering how warming kind attention feels, and thriving on it

  • Remembering what you need to do to make your heart sing and find the energy to do it

  • Knowing you are accepted during the session just as you are

  • Having the chance to hear your own voice with someone who listens deeply to you

  • Enjoying being nurtured so you remember how to care for your loved ones the way you would like

  • Hearing your dreams and work out how to follow them

  • Being yourself and accept yourself just as you are

  • Recharging and recuperating

  • Helping you reconnect with your resilience, strength, courage and sense of purpose

  • Remembering the unity of mind, body and spirit

  • Improving quality of sleep

  • The joy of using it alongside medical and other holistic therapies. Together they are more than their single parts

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