Privacy Policy

Care and trust are the foundations of our therapeutic relationship so I take your privacy very seriously, and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (the GDPR). This privacy notice applies to clients, prospective clients, former clients and visitors to my website.

I don’t use your information for any marketing or tracking purposes as you’ll contact me for an appointment when you want one, and your records would never be transferred to anyone else for this purpose.

In order to work with you I keep a record of the basic contact details you give me at the initial enquiry (password protected and virus protected on computer, with backups stored on encrypted medium) of your name, email, phone number, address, and manual records (which are kept confidential on site in a locked filing cabinet), of our appointments, which include health, medical and personal details, for the following reasons:

  • Continuity of care and the best possible service to you

  • To comply with recommendations from my professional body, Independent Professional Therapists International (IPTI)

  • So that a complaint can be handled properly (and with a complaint file set up for it)

  • To comply with my insurance policy

  • For accounting purposes so I have records for taxation

  • Accident records to comply with UK health and safety legislation

  • To contact your GP in case of emergency

  • In case the police or authorities were ever involved for safety, or for safeguarding children or vulnerable adults

  • For further details about situations where information about you might be shared please see the Information Commissioner’s website:

If you have not had an appointment with me for seven years your records will be destroyed, and your personal data will not be kept longer than reasonably necessary.

A copy of your details can be provided on request.

You can request that changes are made to your contact details at any time.

Clients who use the website to contact me or book sessions need to be informed that cookies, which are small pieces of data stored on a client's browser to keep track of their movements and actions on a website.

In accordance with the GDPR regulations the cookies that my site uses are as follows, along with the duration they are stored on your browser and the reason why they are stored. As my website is built using Wix, the following cookies are used by their platform.

Please Note that Wix business solutions (e.g. Wix Stores, Wix Restaurants, Wix Bookings, etc.,) and
third-party apps may use cookies that aren't listed in the table above.